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Iantech’s technology


Iantech has developed advanced micro-­interventional technology for cataract surgery. After 50 years of conventional phacoemulsification, Iantech introduces a micro-­interventional technique designed to deliver energy-­free endocapsular lens fragmentation, giving surgeons control, efficiency and new opportunities to improve their surgical technique.


At Iantech, we are working to invent new surgical approaches which can reduce the global footprint of cataract blindness. Using smart, efficient and adaptable micro-­interventional technology, our team is building a new surgical platform to catalyze global outreach efforts as we fight the 25M blindness epidemic in the world

Watch miLOOP unveiling at the ASCRS Congress:

Innovation talk by Dr. Ianchulev

ianTECH innovation

Introducing the miLOOP™

Advances in interventional technology have transformed the fields of cardiovascular medicine and radiology over the past 30 years. With miLOOP, interventional technology is coming to one of the most ubiquitous surgical procedures – cataract removal.


Micro­stents and MIGS intervention have already changed the paradigm of glaucoma treatment. Iantech has taken micro-­interventional technology even further – applying advanced micro-­engineered memory ­shaped materials and instrumentation for mechanical, energy-independent cataract disassembly.


miLOOP™ is the first in a line of ophthalmic devices engineered by Iantech for its next­generation micro­-interventional cataract surgery platform.


Using micro­-thin super­-elastic, self ­expanding nitinol filament technology, miLOOP™ offers cataract surgeons the potential to achieve full ­thickness lens fragmentation for any grade cataract minimizing the intraocular application of ultrasonic vibrations and phaco power to the delicate ocular tissues.

Why miLOOP?


miLOOP is designed to achieve full-thickness fragmentation of the nucleus independent of phaco energy using a super-elastic thin-filament. It is engineered to minimize capsular stress by using centripetal, out-in nucleus disassembly while conventional techniques employ centrifugal, in-out lens cutting with adjunct phaco-energy. miLOOP fragmentation is done under full viscoelastic chamber stability and protection and no simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.


An elegant procedure using a micro-­thin memory ­shaped filament for endo­capsular lens fragmentation, it opens new possibilities to achieve surgical control and efficiency.

miLoop testimonials

``miLOOP allows me to fragment the lens making my phaco technique easier” - Bill Trattler, MD
“miLOOP allows me to fully fragment the lens with a peripheral approach, gently sweeping the cortex away from the capsule and disengaging the lens segments from the periphery, making them more accessible during phaco” – Jason Jones, MD
``miLOOP exceeded my expectations… we evaluate a lot of technologies, and most do not exceed expectations… Now that I know what miLOOP can do for certain segments of my patients, it is an indispensable part of my surgical toolbox” – John Berdahl, MD
“I was impressed with miLOOP’s ease of use and its possible disruptive potential in our space” – Bill Wiley, MD



miLOOP is a micro-interventional instrument, which is designed to work in harmony with conventional phaco techniques for a more synergistic cataract procedure – miPHACO.


Explore our video library to learn more about the miLOOP!



miLOOP technology is changing global outreach and humanitarian cataract efforts. Micro-interventional pen-like device can help erase global blindness and inflect the public health efforts in the 25 million blindness epidemic worldwide.


Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Ianchulev have pioneered the first miLOOP missions in Panama and Tanzania. A new miLOOP technique with a 4mm scleral tunnel can not only make cataract surgery minimally invasive with improved clinical outcomes, but can train cataract surgeons worldwide for sustainable global outreach!

25 mil

people blind from advanced cataracts

239 mil

Visually impaired


of global blindness is from untreated cataracts


average loss of corneal endothelium due to phaco surgery


The Iantech Team has been at the center of breakthrough innovation in ophthalmology and has helped bring to life some of the greatest ophthalmic technologies over the last decade – with hundreds of thousands of patients benefiting every year – from Lucentis to intraoperative aberrometry to MIGS supraciliary stenting and now micro-interventional cataract surgery

Iantech Board



Micro-interventional phaco surgeons achieve superior outcomes in the most difficult cases using the breakthrough miLOOP device. The combined procedure of miLOOP nucleus disassembly and phaco-emulsification (aka miPHACO), was studied in a randomized controlled investigation (LEEP 103) comparing clinical outcomes and surgical efficiency to conventional phaco surgery. miPHACO with the miLOOP device statistically improved surgical performance with significant reduction in burst phaco energy and fluidics delivered to the eye. The miLOOP device facilitated lens fragmentation, augmented cortical dissection and ultimately led to more efficient phacoemulsification.

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